HVAC systems are responsible for controlling temperature, reoxygenating the air, removing moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust, bacteria from the air, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. The ventilation process includes both the exchange of the outside air and the circulation of air inside the building.

Quality installation services of Ventilation systems, Air conditioning, complex HVAC systems for factories, industrial constructions etc.

The provided solutions are varied and adapt to each project, taking into account the specifics of the work and the requirements of the beneficiary. KBK Projekt has designed and installed HVAC systems at the following factories: - Sefar (Romania) - Continental (Hungary, Romania) - Bosch (Romania) - Eurofarmaco (Republic of Moldova) etc.

We can be proud of a team of specialists with experience in the design, construction and installation of HVAC systems in both civil and industrial buildings with increased complexity and requirements.